Beloved Universe

The World of Beloved Chains

Welcome to the official website for Beloved Universe, the home of the science fiction world created by Jonathan Snyder. An adventure that encompasses multiple web comics, games, and stories that strives to bring to life the unique culture and worlds of Xaltean, Terran Alliance, and the Drull.

Beloved Chains: The Comic Series

Henry Patton has left his family's farm (and pizza job), Earth and all things familiar to take the lead of a Xaltean estate which needs a leader. The poor human has been thrown into it being forced to adapt to a world that he is unfamiliar with, the culture that goes against the way he was raised, and a subtle plot that targets the Empire as a whole.

Filled with humor, conspiracy, espionage, and someone just tyring to do what is right by everyone, come join Henry on his journey!

Beloved Maid: The Comic Series

Aevina Vaesh, one of the princess of the royal line has been bonded. Not only that, she has been bonded to a human. Now on Earth, she has to make a life while hiding from a enemy bent on taking her back.

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