Beloved Universe

You're Not Allowed Access Per Order of your State Government

Hello! Thank you so much for coming to this website and trying to see the content we have been passionately creating but since you are in Virginia, your state government has decided that you can't see this website unless you provide us a copy of your government ID card per Virginia Senate Bill SB1515.

Is this news to you? Well, your state has been passing age restriction laws in an attempt to stop children from viewing things they shouldn't. A noble goal but a fool's choice to implement. Instead of taking many other avenues that would be effective, the state of Virginia thinks that we should keep your ID on file and create a paper trail that you were actually here.

We're not Going to do it

Myself and Epic Worlds a small brand that just enjoys creating fun content for those who enjoy these types of things and we do not have the willpower, manpower, or funding to even remotely consider some sort of age verification system. Not only that, with the everpresent rise of data breaches across the country, the decision to make any adult oriented website carry your personally identifying material forever just raises the risks to you.

We decided that it would be simpler and safe for us to just not do it and block access to the site.


I wish you luck on your journey on the internet and if this bothers you, please don't hesitate to let your representatives know. They're the ones deciding what you are allowed to do.